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OMG time in Baja California

Without a doubt, one of OMG’s favorite locations in the world is the Sea of Cortez. Whether you are searching for deep sea diving or simply trying to relax on the beach, you’ll find no shortage of things to do in the Sea of Cortez. On land, the sea’s thousands of miles of coastline feature hundreds of pristine beaches,. You’ll find hilly landscapes, and other amazing geological features. You want to relax? There are beachside retreats, nature hikes, and off-road adventures are all excellent activities to enjoy on the shores of the Sea of Cortez.

On the sea itself, sailing, kayaking, and water sports are great choices for those who prefer warm, calm waters. However, when it comes to water activities, snorkeling and scuba diving reign supreme in the Sea of Cortez. Similarly, that’s because this unique body of water is home to thousands of rare and amazing marine wildlife species. In conclusion, you can learn more about wildlife in the Sea of Cortez at your leisure.

Sea of Cortez Ecosystem

The Sea of Cortez is known for its unique climate and geographic features. While arid, it harbors a rich ecosystem as diverse and spectacular as any on Earth. Its placid and protected waters harbor thousands of fish and mammal species. 5,000 species of micro-invertebrates.  For instance, in addition to a wide range of endemic creatures, the Sea of Cortez also hosts many migratory species. humpback and California gray whales.

Not to be outdone, for instance, there are manta rays, killer whales, leatherback sea turtle, and Humboldt squid. Oh yes, we better not forget the world’s largest animal, the blue whale. There are more than 900 islands important nesting sites for thousands of seabirds. Therefore, in conclusion, its nutrient rich waters are primary feeding, breeding, and nursing grounds for a plethora of migratory and resident fish species.

In conclusion, videos speak a thousand words. Below find just a few of the videos produced of OMG water activities in different parts of the world. Playful sea lions, energetic dolphins, really cool snorkeling, and so much more!

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