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man in white t shirt and black pants standing on white sail boat

WANTED: Female First Mate for blue-water sailing, companionship, customer relations and business development

Below find just some of the characteristics that the ideal first-mate might have:

  • Individuals with at least a USCG 6-pack license receive extra consideration.
  • Multi-lingual is great when we have customers from other countries
  • Comfortable with open ocean, long-distance sailing
  • No pre-existing medical conditions that would interfere with your activities on the water
  • Skills such as prior sailing, kayaking and/or paddling experience a big plus
  • Previous experience guiding group kayaks and boat tours
  • Physically fit
  • Jobs having strong knowledge of both the off-shore waterways and river systems in SW Florida and the world
  • Dependable and able to work in the elements common to Florida weather patters
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Vessel maintenance experience
  • Part or full-time (depending on the season).
  • Certified environmental tour guide
  • Current CPR/First certification
  • Non-smoker/vaper with no alcohol or drug issues is a must. A responsible party maniac would be fine:)

We focus on Customer Service Jobs

While days for on-the-water jobs are usually low key, experienced customer service agents must accept the challenge of dealing with angry clients as well as with satisfied ones. They are the face of your company and are responsible for its reputation. To put it simply, a customer service person sets the tone for the whole OMG brand.  Your helpful attitude forms the whole brand image. In turn, this contributes to shaping a positive first impression. The stats actually speak for itself. 73% of customers love a brand because of friendly customer service. Remember those words: “friendly customer service”

Jobs Available

  • Tour captains
  • Fleet rental ops specialists
  • On-the-water tour guides
  • Service delivery specialists
  • Digital marketing specialist

If you are interested in more than just a job, please email your resume and a full-body picture taken within the last year to:

Ft. Myers Beach @ Moss Marina

450 Harbor Court
Fort Myers, FL 33931
Phone: (727) 294-0016