Party Time “OMG-style”

Party Email: Phone: (727) 294-0016

“Howl at the Moon” Party Paddle/Cruise

We all know what it’s like when the moon is full and the “beast” in you is wanting out. Fortunately for you, the OMG fleet (cats, kayaks and paddleboard) heads out for one big party on the water. Trust us when we write that it’s difficult for anyone to appreciate the event until they have actually been there. Music, dancing, paddling….you take it all in! If you’re good enough, you might just earn the right to be called a “Certified Lunatic!” It’s BYOB. Please consume and party responsibly.

“Pajama” Paddle

This is another “OMGer” favorite that was first introduced by OMG adventurers in Mexico on the Sea of Cortez. That’s right – you guessed it. This is a “whatever you think is appropriate as atire” event (at least minimally legal, please). If you are faint of heart, these events may not be for you. These party outings have a reputation as being one of the most “naughty-cal” of all on-the-water events in the Western Hemisphere. Disclaimeer: OMGWA assumes no responsibility for what is said or done. It’s BYOB. Please consume and party responsibly. We are only the lifeguard!

Sunset Cruise/Party Paddle

This relaxing 2.5 hour cruise/paddle usually consists of the “Shamrocket” catamaran, kayaks and paddleboards. However, the big cat “Salty Paws” may do so as well. Our sunset experiences are first class. We know this because of the repeat customers that keep coming back. While our goal is to ensure our customers have an extraordinary time, we always do so by making safety our first and number one priority. The Shamrocket will have a bluetooth speaker for your phone’s music, a cooler with cubed ice, plastic drinking cups and lime. It’s a BYOB outing. Please consume and party responsibly.

Ft. Myers Beach @ Moss Marina

450 Harbor Court
Fort Myers, FL 33931
Phone: (727) 294-0016